A little information about me


Started my career as a Software Engineer Consultant in Banglore, I'm lucky enough to work in a smaller company that allowed me to gain hands-on experiance in Product development as well as working in a project for a leading telecom company. Those first 2 years of my working experiance paved my career path towards IT industry.

Currently working as a Programmer Analyst in a leading Software company in Madurai and in my free time as a hobby, I'm building robots, developing games and other weekend projects.

Why am I doing this?

"We work really hard to live. But Art is what we really live for."

When corporate working culture fails to let Arts and Science thrive, I have no choice but to spend my leisure time by making games, learning new technology, building robots and what not.

That includes offering tech solutions for clients in need. Clients, who need creative or artistic approach for their product or clients who need budget solutions for a growing business. Yes, you read it right, I do this as a hobby. A hobby that I can put so much passion and effort to solve someone's technical problem.

Yes, "This does put a smile on my face"

Click to read about why I think Robotics is an art form.


Top areas I cover

Software Devlopement

Developing a software solution best suits your business needs that can run on any platform. That includes website development.

Mobile Apps

Android mobile applications and games.

Research Projects

Backend services and APIs that utilizes ML/AI features. Includes Computer Vision and 3D solutions.

Robotics / Automation

Embedded coding, Hardware & electronics solutions that entertains small scale Automation, 3D printed protypes.